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We provides assistance and legal advice in Italy to find the best solution to every case. In civil, criminal, real and personal properties forfeitures fields. It combines professionalism and proficiency. This is our Mission.

Civil Law

Business & Commercial Law, Insurance & Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Law of Succession.

Criminal Law

Criminal Proceedings; from the investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences to the execution of criminal penalties.

Debt Recovery

Thanks to its partnership with an important consulting and credit management company, we can ensure the service in the Italian National Area.

Our Story

Our Story

We are a dynamic and multidisciplinary Legal Firm. We cooperate with qualified and expert external professionals, estimators and technical consultants of every field. Mr. Andrea Rossolini is the founding member of the Law Firm. Degree in Law at the University of Macerata. He obtained the professional competence qualification of Italian Lawyers ("Avvocato"), issued by the Italian Republic. He is member of the Bar of Ancona ("Ordine degli Avvocati di Ancona") with the no. 1128/A and Admitted to the Italian Supreme Court ("Corte Suprema di Cassazione") and other High Courts. During his professional activity, practised both in the national and international companies interest but also in the private citizens interest, he improved his skills and experiences in Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Banking Law and Insurance Law. He also improved his knowledge of written and spoken English. He is a English speaking lawyer in the Bar of Ancona.  He attended refresher and specialization courses in family law, criminal law, Legal & Business English. He is a professional civil broker.
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Our Law Firm

The Rossolini Law Firm performs its business prevalently in the District of the Court of Appeals of Ancona. Thanks to its partnership with an important consulting and credit management company, the Rossolini Law Firm can ensure to its customers the availability of its service throughout the Italian National Area. Our law firm is equipped with technology tools that provide remote contact with domestic and international costumers (video and conference calls, and so on). In Italian and in English language.

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